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Pay less fees. Get paid faster.

practiceQ payments integrates seamlessly with the rest of practiceQ's solutions. More cost efficient with absolutely transparent pricing. Let's get you paid.

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Streamline card present transactions with the Deja-Vu QD Line! 

Take a second look at your latest statement (or have us help you).

The rate you are truly paying (the effective rate) is probably far higher than the rate you signed up for. 

Use our free calculator to help you quickly determine what you're actually paying!

Input your latest statement information and hit calculate.

You'll see that most times, practiceQ Pay offers a better and more transparent rate!

Email us today to see for yourself!

Confused by payment processing jargon?

You are not alone!

Our effective rate video below will help clear up those confusing terms and reinforce why your effective rate equals out to a lot of hidden fees for your business.

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